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A Colonial Lady's Clothing: A Glossary of Terms. A Glossary of Terms View men's glossary View children's glossary Brunswick A three-quarter length jacket worn with a petticoat, the Brunswick was an informal gown or a traveling gown. It had a high neck, unstiffened bodice that buttoned, long sleeves, and frequently had a sack back loose pleats and a hood. See also Jesuit Cap The cap was worn by women and girls to dress their heads.

It was a practical piece that allowed the head to be dressed without styling the hair. At the same time it protected the hair from everyday dust and dirt so that the hair need not be washed as frequently. A hat was tied on top of the cap when going out. The cap could be made of linen, cotton, or even all lace. Lace and ruffles could be added to the cap. The style of fashionable cap changed frequently. Cape A protective outer garment that was shaped to the neck, covered the shoulders, fastened at the center front and was usually shorter than a cloak.

Made of either heavy or light fabrics of wool, cotton, or silk. Caraco A jacket of many different styles worn in the second half of the 18th century. It was worn with a petticoat and was considered day wear at home or for informal activities. It was always considered "undress. Sometimes hooded, and usually made of a heavy woolen fabric. Dress Dress in the 18th century referred to the overall fashion for everyone and not a single garment. It was the total look from head to toe. Full dress would refer to the most formal, fashionable look.

Today the military's most formal uniform is referred to as the full-dress uniform. See also Fashionable Undress and Undress Fashionable Undress In the 18th century this referred to the less formal clothing for everyone, but still in the best of fashion. Usually worn during the day. See also Dress and Undress Gown Throughout the 18th century a woman's dress usually consisted of a gown and petticoat.

The gown consisted of the bodice and skirt joined together, with the skirt open in the front to reveal the separate petticoat, which was an essential part of the dress and not an undergarment. See also Petticoat and Stomacher Hat Worn for fashion and for protection against the sun, a lady out of doors almost always wore a hat. A fashionable hat usually had a very shallow, flat crown and a wide brim. Hats of chips or straw were the most popular from the s to the s. There were many ways for them to be trimmed and trims would change with the fashions.

A straw hat might even be entirely covered with fabric. Ladies' riding hats were often of felt and might be cocked like a gentleman's. Jesuit Similar to the Brunswick, but the skirt of the gown was full length. See also Brunswick Mitts or Mittens In the 18th century mitts were elbow-length, fingerless gloves.

Although there was a thumb, it was open and the fingers were left free. They were usually cut with peaked flaps over the knuckles. Embroidered floral motifs and fancy arm openings were popular adornments.

Heavy mitts gave warmth in winter and light weight ones protected the arms from the sun in summer. In the winter the hands could be kept warm with a muff. Mob Cap A mob was undress headwear; becoming popular in the s and worn in some form into the next century. It had a puffed crown placed high on the back of the head, a deep flat border surrounding the face, and side pieces carried down like short lappets, which could be left loose, pinned, or tied under the chin.

The flat border usually was frilled or had lace. Muffs Tube-like accessories used for keeping the hands warm, muffs were of various sizes as dictated by fashion. They could be covered with fur, cloth, or feathers, and were usually padded.

Pattens Pattens were overshoes consisting of a raised sole standing on an iron ring, with an adjustable strap used to secure them. Designed to lift the wearer's shoes off the ground so as to protect them from soiling or damage when there was wetness, mud, or muck. Pattens were worn by both men and women into the early 20th century. Petticoat A woman's skirt-like garment worn with a gown or jacket.


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