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Grey Infinity Scarf - This grey infinity scarf was passed down to me by a friend, so I’m not sure how much it was worn. What I do know though is that it’s in amazing condition! There are a few loose strands here and there but nothing that’s completely falling off. It is very beautiful and a great accent to any outfit! The tag is a little cut off, but I do believe that it says that the.

I love the Sayre Infinity Scarf — so delicate and soft looking — thanks for your blog and sponsoring this giveaway — I love your style and photographer! The color is perfect to go with everything and it looks light enough to wear even in not so cold winters. Hi Tamara, would you consider doing videos of your patterns, I love them but I have trouble reading patterns, I do so much better at videos, I would love it! If not, def the Zephra in gray.

Jan 11,  · Infinity scarves. I have a moderate collection of infinity scarves, mostly knitted solid prints like black, grey, and mustard yellow. Infinity scarves are expensive too, J. Crew sells them for $45, Gap for about $30, and American Apparel for $
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This Rebel Alliance Print Infinity Scarf features a print of blood red, midnight blue, and carbonite grey Rebel Alliance Starbirds. It's perfect for a day at the senate or bumming around Mos Eisley. And it's infinite, much like your love for Star Wars.
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Add a little glam to your cozy with this lurex mix knit tassel infinity scarf in gray!

About This Item Safe for your baby! The unique pattern is both modern and fashion-fo. You can wear in different ways to accent your clothing style. You can wear it as a single or double loop scarf, a shawl or a poncho to make a fashion statement and be prepared when your baby is ready for his or her feeding. You can also wear this cover as a hood. This scarf is extra wide and with enough room for you to comfortably breastfeed, and while discreetly feeding your baby you will be protecting him or her and yourself from the environment and elements.

Even though this is a nursing scarf the uses are countless. Use it as accents until you are ready to feed, if you have it on you will not have to search for it. The scarf came with warning information about suffocation and strangulation hazard. Kunchie, September 11, Spark reviewer - received free product. With that being said, there are definitely instances when being discreet is absolutely needed.

And in those moments such as: I really love how great looking this nursing scarf is. The scarf is a subtle navy blue color which godsend the ingenious infinity design allows the scarf to be worn indiscreetly by the nursing mother at all times until needed. My daughter wears the scarf folded around her neck.

I would recommend this item. Goaliemom35, October 4, It will keep my shoulders warm as a shawl it and it would look nice with a brooch. The color looks nice and it can be worn with a lot of outfits. I am not currently breastfeeding so it can't be used as a nursing scarf, but from experience it would provide coverage and privacy when you are nursing and you aren't exposed, it adds that extra layer of protection and also comfort.

It isn't exactly my style but the comfort of wearing it and the color will make it something I can use as that extra layer of warmth or to stay cool around my shoulders during any season. I adjust it once I put it on as with any scarf for it to look nice. Let me know if you have any other questions! I can knit somewhat. Most of the time you just add a color without binding off. I am like you, totally self taught — youtube was my teacher! I had to be able to see it in order to know what I was supposed to do.

Hope that can help you! Going to get he needles and yarn tomorrow. So glad you like this scarf. Thanks for letting me know! You can always share a picture of the finished scarf over on my Facebook page. Washing wool is very easy. Because I wash knitted garments by hand I use hand hot water with a gentle detergent. The warm water allows the long wool fibers to open up and let the dirt out. Then when you rinse in same hand hot water the long fibers do not go into shock and shrink — they are simply rinsed.

Lay the garment out on a dry towel — pull into shape and allow to air dry. Washing wool in cold water will not get it clean — over time the colours will become gray and the sweater will harden.

In Scotland, where I grew up dressed in Fair Isle and Aran sweaters, — the washing line was threaded through the arms of the sweaters, pulled to shape and pinned to the rope and the sweaters were allowed to dry in the wind. As to how hot the water should be — hand hot is good enough — though when I was training in a weaving mill in Scotland — the bolts of coat weight cloth were wound in a figure eight around rollers that were submerged in nearly boiling water.

If, however, your piece has really shrunk — you might be able to pull it back into shape but it will never be the same.

If it is felted — you might consider recycling the piece by trying one of the felting projects that are popular right now. Thanks so much Sarah for this awesome description on how to wash wool correctly. I honestly had no idea on the best way to wash wool. You have a good idea to use my felted scarf for one of those popular projects right now. Thanks again for you helpful insights. I also am not that great at weaving pieces together. Where the pieces meet will often make my otherwise very nicely knit project look raggidy.

I hope this helps in some way. Thanks for the question! Thanks Jessica for the link. I have gotten better at weaving in the ends and there are so many ways of doing it.

I love this scarf, but yours looks a lot better than mine. I knitted it twice. One I knitted with smaller needles and heavier wool and it had a nice appearance, but the one made from your pattern was lighter and more unique looking. The only problem I had was joining the 2 ends of the scarf. I used the mattress stitch and because there is black next to white it is obvious where I joined the ends. Should I have used a different stitch for joining? Love that idea to make it i their school colors.

What a nice Grandmother they have with you! I do not have a size 35 needle — Can I make this on a size 15 needle? If so, how many stitches would I cast on? I wish I knew exactly what gauge a size 15 needle would give you to tell you how many to cast on. I might go with 25 — 30? That just a guess! I have been dying to try the giant needles!!! Sounds lovely to knit while the trick or treaters come around.

Turn Hope this helps! Thanks, your clarification saved me from giving up on this. I figured out the mistakes I was making and by just using the chart it is working up beautiful and pretty quickly! Initially, I misread something which only said ch1 sk1, then do the wide dc.

I was putting an extra dc in there. But once I got it I was golden! Thanks so much for the pattern! Whew, glad it clicked for you Kat! Chevron patterns are so fun, but they are a bear to put into words — charts are always so much easier!

I am a self taught crocheter, how can i shorten the width, is thst even possible?! Keep posting these great patterns! Hi Tamara, would you consider doing videos of your patterns, I love them but I have trouble reading patterns, I do so much better at videos, I would love it!

I do have videos of some of my patterns , and will add more as time allows. This one is definitely on the list! Great thanks so much, I can read, I just am new to crocheting and cant follow most patterns.

I love this pattern. Thank you so much for sharing it. Is there a hat or slouchy hat pattern to go with it? I love your patterns! I was searching for a chevron or zigzag scarf pattern and ran across this one of yours.

I have been attempting to do a pattern that I already have and just cannot get it to work. Time to try a different one. This cowl is addicting to crochet! Simple enough to memorize, but interesting enough to keep my attention and worked up quick.

This is a lovely pattern thank you. I used a m ball of double knit, so I will have a fair bit left on the skein. I want badly to make this beautiful scarf! Even following the chart. The way it is written just seems to be a bit confusing. Hi, first, thank you for your wonderful pattern; i love the scarf! I have watched your video and read the pattern and chart but they differ.

In the pattern, you state we are to repeat rows 3 and 4 throughout but in your video, you state we are to repeats row 2 and 3 throughout so I am confused at which is correct.

Also, if the video is correct and it is rows 2 and 3 that repeat, does that make row 4 obsolete? Thank you for your response in advance, Kim. Love all your patterns. For some reason I am just coming across this one, and its another keeper. Going to make a few Christmas gifts and this will be one of them. Thanks Tamara, for sharing your talents with us!! I just made this for my 10 yo daughter and it turned out beautifully.

Thank you for the lovely pattern! I would use a bigger hook for thicker yarns, that should take care of the stiffness!

I am a fairly new crocheter and very unsure of myself. This was the second blog I found that was all about crochet and I have been a fan ever since, it is joint favourite.

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