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Just cut off the arms of the t-shirt, cut the sides, snip some small holes, and lace-up the sides with some braided string.

I can't even remember the last time I bought a shirt that fully covered my belly! Do the same for the collar and sleeves.

Make the most of summer with our varied collection of crop tops. With styles from top designers like Tommy Jeans to classic square neck camis and cropped hoodies, all the essential styles are here.
Just cut off the arms of the t-shirt, cut the sides, snip some small holes, and lace-up the sides with some braided string.
Just cut off the arms of the t-shirt, cut the sides, snip some small holes, and lace-up the sides with some braided string.
Oct 30,  · How to turn your college tshirt (or your fave tshirt) into a halter top. Quick and Easy! HOW TO CUT THREE Margiey Akinyi , views. DIY~ Halter Tie-Back Crop Top .
Make the most of summer with our varied collection of crop tops. With styles from top designers like Tommy Jeans to classic square neck camis and cropped hoodies, all the essential styles are here.

Just cut off the arms of the t-shirt, cut the sides, snip some small holes, and lace-up the sides with some braided string.

This tee pairs well with a high-waisted skirt or a body con dress. Play up the geometric vibe with a fun necklace. Cut off the neckline and trim off the hems on the arm bands. Cut a half circle on each of the shoulder seams. Cut two long oval shapes on the bottom of the tee and then remove the back half. These ovals are your new ties and will cinch in your tee. These cut outs are perfect for the hot summer months.

Cut off the neckline and the arm and bottom hems. Snip up the side seam, along the arm seam and across the shoulder seam until you reach the neck line.

Then cut out large triangles on the top and bottom of the backside of the tee. Twist twice, pin back in place and then sew. First step — snip off the arms and bottom hem to turn the tee into a tank. Find the center of the backside of the tee and cut all the way up.

Overlap the back section you just cut and sew about 8 inches down from the collar. Hand-stitch the button in place and trim the back panels to have rounded edges. Open back tees are also perfect for hot muggy summer days. Pair with a bandeau and a cute patterned skirt. Cut off the sleeves and bottom half of the tee.

Use the sewing machine to take in the sides of your crop top. Fold the shirt in half and cut out triangles near the shoulders. Make sure you are only cutting through the front layer of the tee. Then cut longer triangles against the bottom edge of the tee. Pair this crop with a high-waisted skirt and chunky summer heels.

For this tee you will need to cut off the arms and cut a straight line directly under the neckline. On the front side, snip a triangle to create a more flattering fit to your cover up. Fold and sew all top edges of the garment.

Use a scrap piece of T-shirt, cut into strips and pull into yarn. Snake it through the loops and tie into a knot. White tees are the perfect poolside cover up.

Want to spruce it up? Check out this DIY on how to add punny beach phrases to your cover ups. Cut your white tee into a tank top by removing the neckline, sleeves, and bottom hem. Then cut at the shoulder seam and pin on to your new fabric. Trim the neckline into a deep V with an even deeper V on the back side.

Measure three lengths of chain — one will be the length from the bottom of the V to the neck line, one from top of strap to top of strap, and one that stretches across the middle of the V. Tie a piece of t-shirt scrap to the end of the chain and sew onto the t-shirt. Next, cut the shirt in a straight line or curve the hem. The style of cut is up to you. You can also cut two longer triangle pieces at the front of the shirt that you can later use to tie together into a knot for a tighter fitting look.

Cut the collar and sleeves. If you want to change the neckline or sleeves, trace out your cut lines with chalk. First, flip the top inside out, and make chalk lines along the area you want to cut.

Use a sewing machine and hem your top by folding under the bottom about one inch. Be sure to fold the top inward to hide the hem. Do the same for the collar and sleeves. If you want to leave the shirt without a sewed hem, that is up to you. Just beware, if you decide not to hem the top it could fray over time or after being washed.

If your shirt is made from a stretchy material, make sure to hem using a zig-zag stitch so your shirt will still be able to stretch. Add elastic to the bottom. If you want the top to have a tighter fit around your waist, add elastic to the bottom before you hem the top.

Sew it along the bottom of your top by laying it flat on the inside of the material towards the bottom. Try on your new top. After you hem the bottom, your top is finished. Add rhinestones or other embellishments to make your top even more unique. If you want to make the top shorter, you can take out the hem with a stitch cutter and do it over.

To make a crop top from scratch, you will need to head to a fabric store and pickup several items. Purchase your favorite fabric. It is best to use fabric that has a little bit of stretch such as cotton. However, you can choose whichever type of fabric you want. In order to cut your fabric to the right size, you need to record your basic measurements in inches. Use a flexible measuring tape, and measure your waist, bust, and back length. For your waist measurement, measure around the smallest part of your waist and add one inch.

For your bust measurement, measure around the center of your bust and add one inch. For the length, start from you shoulders. The length will vary depending on how long you want your crop top. Be sure to add two extra inches for hemming or altering. Since you will be measuring around your body, you will need to divide your waist and bust measurement in half to compensate for each piece of fabric.

When you cut your fabric, you will have a front and back piece that you will later sew together. Cut out a crop top pattern on newspaper. Before you cut your fabric, cut the shape you want your crop top to be on the newspaper first. You need to cut the pattern to your unique measurements. Here are the measurements to keep in mind: Hold up your newspaper top. This will allow you to check out the cut and fit of your soon-to-be crop top. Each piece should come to the middle of each of your sides underneath your arms and have additional room for the seam.

Leave the length longer than you anticipate the final product being so you can leave room for error. Use your newspaper cut out as an outline when cutting out your fabric. Place the newspaper flat onto the fabric, and trace it with a fabric marker or pencil. Remember to cut out two identical pieces that you will later sew together. Lay each piece on top of one another with the "wrong sides" facing out.

Sew along the edges about a quarter of an inch in. Don't sew the bottom of your crop top together. Each piece needs to be hemmed individually at the bottom opening. Finish the bottom hem. If you want the crop top to be shorter, cut the additional fabric with scissors and then hem it. Make darts along the arm hole for a tighter fit. Before you sew your two pieces together, draw a horizontal line on the inside of your front piece under the armhole.

Your line needs to be about six to eight inches long. From your horizontal line, you need to draw two more lines that angle away from the tip of your horizontal line. Start from the inside of the line and angle out back towards the armhole. It should resemble a triangle when you are done. Take each angled line, and fold them onto the horizontal line.

Use a pic to keep the fabric in place. Using a straight stitch, sew along the edges of your fold. This will create a more form fitting shape around your bust line. You can just cut an old shirt that doesn't fit anymore in half, I have done it and it turned out great. Not Helpful 3 Helpful You can wear a crop top no matter what size you are. As long as you are confident, you can pull it off! Not Helpful 2 Helpful You don't need to hem the shirt, and have a raw-cut bottom. If you really don't want to sew, use fabric glue.

The crop top I made came out with a jagged bottom. What should I do? I tried cutting it straight but it did not work. If you were using regular scissors, they tend to make jagged cuts. Fabric scissors are designed to slice through fabric with relative ease and make cutting it easier.

Lastly, cut the bottom hem off the front of your shirt and make a straight cut up the middle (approximately 6"-7"). Then, from the bottom of that middle cut, make diagonal cuts up to meet the cropped back portion of the t-shirt on either side. DIY t-shirt cut - Bing Images Harp like design in the back of the shirt best ideas about Shirt Cutting diy tank top t shirt summer is Women's razor ripped short sleeve in sizes: medium, large & x-large how to do creative cutted out shirtsFirst you cut from the bottom of the shirt straight lines about two centemeters wide until desired size. Women Two Piece Off Shoulder Ruffled Flounce Crop Bikini Top with Print Cut Out Bottoms. from $ 23 99 Prime. out of 5 stars 1, Romwe. Women's Off Shoulder Sexy Cut Out V Neck Solid T-Shirt Tops $ 5 99 Prime. out of 5 stars 6. Mippo. Women's Sexy Cold Shoulder 3/4 Sleeve Stretch T Shirt Casual Blouse Tops. from $ 11 99 Prime. out.