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This is feminism at is best!

Aug 05,  · Many associate short skirts with sluttiness and therefore assume that the women donning them are, by the power of garment-reputation-transferral, slutty individuals (or if Reviews:
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Nov 28,  · It depends on the length of the hereaupy06.gq u wear a short one, its up to u for whatever reasons u do it, but I hope it works for u. To my experience, wearing a long skirt .
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I mean, someone on her feet is always going to appear more powerful than someone slouched into a chair. Finally, those wearing short skirts are making the most of a fleeting opportunity. Neither their age nor fitness will last for long. The body is a tool. You can choose to take good care of it and fully utilize it, or you can ignore, or even stifle, its manifold features.

Different people choose to celebrate different aspects of their bodies- their strength, their voices, their minds, and yes, their legs. Those wearing skirts are simply doing the most they can with an excellent and fleeting opportunity. Some might call doing so gauche, distasteful, or even irresponsible, but I call it smart. I will admit that short skirts are not for all body types and all ages. I will also concede that short skirts are not always the appropriate thing to wear.

But when the body type, age, and situation are aligned in favor of these minuscule garments, they are definitely worth wearing. So consider your personal constellations. Can a short skirt factor in? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Many quaint villages included. Places where the birds replaced traffic sounds. Really it is all about attitude.

Since I have cruised around the world, taken trains across Europe, taken bus tours in almost every continent, I am totally at ease wearing a skirt or a dress. In fact, I have donated all of my pants and shorts to charity since I never want to experience ever again wearing a garment with a crotch seam.

I have forgotten what it feels like wearing pants or shorts. I have received compliments mostly from women from Russia to Peru to Alaska to Australia. Just manly courage, John, and a totally masculine attitude. Break out of your fashion prison. Miniskirts are the best way to achieve comfort. Well done, kaf - all luck of the draw, I suppose. Did you stick to cities on your tour? I can't understand John's comment since I have worn miniskirts all across Europe. Most recently for two weeks on a land tour around Ireland and Northern Ireland.

No adverse reactions whatsoever. I am a male with nice legs, and I love the feeling of freedom that comes with wearing a short skirt. But the British are so uptight and judgmental about other people's business, that I dare not wear them in my home town.

I hate to wear Uniforms next year for school and they are making the girl wear mini skirts. Tell me, why men dont wearing skirts or clothes which were meant for women. Why we see them differently if they wore one. The job which was forced on women, was to carry child and please men in whatever way they want.

What was need at that time, now became fashion. No frigging crotch binding inseams, cooler than shorts, and if really short freedom of movement is outstanding. I see practicality is the issue not some fettish, or sexual turn on, nor cross dressing. You see more and in detail at the beach and no one cares. Short skirts are really comfortable for driving long distances and when sitting. Better than anything else.

Be cCareful of what you sit on of course. Agreed - I love getting a tan on all of each of my legs, not just the bit below the knees, as is the case with men's shorts - way too baggy for me.

May I offer a different perspective? Both men and women who take care of their bodies may have beautiful legs; however, that has nothing to do the reasons that I wear miniskirts. Freedom of movement is my reason as is the ability to get a great suntan over almost all of my legs.

Remember that women had lots of negative reactions when they first started wearing trousers, pants or shorts in public. Women did not wimp out by returning to skirts or dresses. Men should act like men with the determination to make their own decisions.

We don't need our neighbor's permission to choose our daily attire. Some people simply resist any form of change since it takes them out of their comfort zone. Men can and should control their own bodies. We need a revolution in society's attitudes, that will allow people to be themselves. I'd love to wear skirts all the time, at least in summer, but where I live small town, very backward part of a conservative anyway country that just wouldn't be tolerated.

I have bought quite a few but can only wear when away in some place where nobody knows me. I get silly remarks just for wearing shorts, even got reported to my wife by a church member who had seen me in town and was disgusted! I love wearing mini-skirts. I love the feeling of uncluttered freedom, and I've got nice legs despite being a man!

I'm a guy yet late in life tried on a mini skirt on a hot summer day and was sold! I have no idea why men don't wear them. I can relate to and verify every point you made! I highly prefer a short stretch denim cargo mini skirt to shorts and don't care what others think.

Hopefully some day soon men will have the freedom women have I decided at 60 I no longer cared what people thought so I put on a blouse and a short skirt necklace. And no make up. Packed up my purse and went shopping. So what you may ask except that I am a a man and made no effort to "pass" as a women. When I got out of my car I held my head high,and much to my surprise I had a great time what a rush and yes I did get compliments on my great legs!!

Time is short but never miss a opportunity to make up for lost time! The same 'mobility ', comfort and happiness are also equally entitled on boys, why shouldn't they wear skin tight shorts to school and office?

I live for Summer, as in winter even in So. I usuallt get a 4" to 5" critch and roll them into a "Boy Cuff" as I look in the mirror it is so sexy and comfortable, as usually rolled cuffs keep the shorts from showing extra cheeks. I never wear long pants and never a skirt longer than just long enough to be safe. Yes the wind sometimes rules, then I have my shorty shorts my dad calls Hot Pants usually a low rise with a nice belt to cut my middle, as I am 6' tall.

Summer, spring, fall or winter. I even wore my Hot Pants on a snow day in Big Bear to our cabin. Wow did I stay warm with all the attention. NO, I don't get cold, but lots of looks. I love the attention. California is a great place to spawn this trend. Why cover up too soon. The fad will fade as time takes away my looks.

I'm still in my 20's. When will I give up this silliness? I would think that women would encourage men to wear short skirts! It would remove the uniqueness as related to women. Being "common" the sexiness as related to just women would fade. Women would better enjoy them in the presence of men if they also wore them like they do pants now. Men can wear short mini and micro mini skirts with the same issues women have with short skirts Women should also realize it takes a sexually secure, non sexist, non homophobic guy to rock a short skirt Soon everyone will wear them!

It is completely normal now for men and women. Some men still associate skirts and dresses with women although most women don't even wear them any longer, abandoning them for pants. Given that pants are certainly no longer an exclusive garment for men. I enjoy that freedom, strongly favoring skirts for their comfort and convenience. I'm thankful that women destroyed the gender barriers in clothing to give all of us guys the true freedom of choice.

You know I would love to see a movie made where it's in the future and everybody was wearing different type of clothes. Where it was completely normal for boys and men to be wearing skirts and dresses and still be wearing pants as well. Yes women and girls also kept wearing all their wonderful line of clothing they have been wearing. Everybody was just going about their business. To whatever plot the movie was about.

A nice dress or skirt on an attractive woman is very sexy although a nice dress on some women is also great. Sometimes a small amount of makeup aswell. Skirts are about femininity! No matter what the length. When I put on a skirt, it makes me feel girly. Pants, jeans and shorts do not have that effect on me. I used to wear mini skirts all of the time and then maxi skirts took over my wardrobe, now I'm into the midi big time.

Still wear jeans and shorts on occasion, but I prefer skirts or dresses especially on dates. Short skirts are all about getting a nice nearly full-leg suntan while being as comfortable as possible without being completely nude. Real men also wear short skirts and have done so since the ancient Greeks and Romans. Great hub, I love your take on short skirts! Myself that's all I really love to wear..

Thank you for sharing! I don't like male attention if I wear a short skirt. Most men think you wear them because you desperately want sex and will do it with the next man who croses your path. I'm a guy who never thought about skirts for decades then tried one on! A "Mini Cargo Skirt" has more pockets than shorts, has belt loops and is plain and they come in all sorts of styles and materials and best of all Freedom of movement is astounding! No tubes of cloth over the legs!!

With a little research I found that leading clothing designers say there are no reasons for men not to wear skirts and men have worn skirts far longer than women throughout time. Clearly better suited for a male than a female so society has it backwards! I also found wearing a skirt is a "Chick Magnet" They will find you intriguing and know you don't have the homophobia and sexual insecurity most men have. Anyone with any sense knows gays don't wear skirts only on TV and movies for an effect. Still don't think you can do it?

Check these guys in skirts and note they still look like guys just as women in pants still look like women:. They are obviously NOT cross dressing trying to look like women. Just guys enjoying skirts! It is not superficial. It is totally about comfort. You don't need a perfect figure since that exists only in the mind of the beholder as an abstract concept. In other words, no one can please millions of different expectations simultaneously.

The notions of too fat, too old, too tall, etc. Personally I have seen many who look much better, IMHO of course, in a short skirt than when wearing shorts or capri pants.

As a married man I don't need anyone's permission except that of my wife to wear a miniskirt. When she is happy, so am I.

I don't need a perfect body whatever that really is to go to a nude beach either! Skirts come in a myriad of silhouettes, not all of which are form fitting. A short skirt is a clothing choice that doesn't require the approval of the entire universe!!!!! Short skirts - they are not only comfortable compare with shorts please! They are usually tight and lift up, exposing your underwear.

If you wear A-shaped one, be careful if its windy! Short skirts and exercise? For those who are desperate for male attention and want to appear ''sexy'' which is stupid. Try it with thick fat legs and cellulite! I doubt it's very aesthetic.

So ladies if you are not happy with your legs, why emphasize your worst part with skirts even more? Simone, your arguments are very unconvincing it's strange that some people buy this nonsense!

I think that women DO wear short skirts to show off their legs to men it is perfectly natural and part of the process of attracting a potential mate. Anyway all men love to see women in short skirts it is very sexy!! I'm a man that likes wearing short skirts in the summer a lot and in the winter when I go to the laundromat.

I like wearing them more than pants because they are comfortable. People should understand that there are men that like to wear short skirts in public and they shouldn't be judged.

I feel if you want to wear a short skirt it shouldn't matter how old you are and body type and if you are a male or female. Wear the short skirt if it make you happy and comfortable and do it because you want to and not for someone else. Women wear the short skirts because you want to and not for men.

I support any man or female that likes wearing short skirts in any season like me. Don't be confused by the name but I'm a man that likes to wear short skirts every chace I get and I respect women more that wears short skirts since I been wearing them at least 6 years and I find the comfortable. Short skirts are just plain comfortable since they can be worn without the restrictions placed upon wearing a loincloth. I wear them with sandals even in the winter.

The compliments are just a bonus. Reasons to wear a short skirt are so numerous I prefer a brief listing of maybe five things that shouldn't be tried while wearing a short skirt: Gymnastics, roofing, changing a flat tire on a gravel road, sitting on a bar stool or climbing steep stairs while wearing a thong. They're selling short skirts at Sam's Club? Holy cow, that sure is a reason to avoid 'em! Yeah, those can be painful to see. Like a train wreck. Thank goodness for those leggings.

What you're describing sounds much like the ever-popular beloved Utilikilt- worn by many a proud San Franciscan.

Comfort is what got me hooked. After many years of believing that I couldn't wear a skirt just because I am a man I tried it upon a dare from my daughter. With the blessing of a wife who wears pants, skirts or dresses, I too joined the world of 21st Century equality. It is the comfort factor. It is a decision that I am happy to have made 15 years ago. I am just a man who still looks very masculine but also a man who isn't adjusting those irritating seams any longer.

If you have an ample behind, a skirt that just barely covers the fanny is not flattering. I do appreciate that this unknown person was wearing leggings under said skirt--it would have been far worse with a thong. Those can be lovely lengths! Going with what looks best on you and makes you feel most comfortable will most certainly result in the most fashion-forward ensemble- regardless of whether it is very aggressive or more on the conservative side.

Now that I'm older, my legs are one of my younger looking features, so I have upped my hemlines over the past few years. I like mid-knee or just above the knee. D I never knew short skirts had so many positives.

I find that short skirts are really versitile and comfortable. The amount of times I have crashed my car from rubber necking. Has cost me a small fortune LOL. I agree with the article and short skirt tends to be comfortable and easy to wear.

I don't wear it but I do appreciate it. I like you, system observant. I must point out that skimpy clothing has always existed. Love the point about excrement though. The world is full of turds. And many of those turds are out to change the world.

Long live short skirts, ha! Thanks for the hub, it's an interesting perspective, to see the topic from a women's point of view. I like them on women and I cannot tell really why. Maybe it's my '80s upbringing, ha. They're good any way you look: It's like they radiate more fun. Jeez, short skirts are just lookin' better and better. Great idea, I'll have to give it a try. Good thing it's a million degrees here this summer.

You're absolutely right--youth is fleeting. Flaunt what you got while you got it, I say! Me, I'm at the age when knee-length skirts are more decorous, but oh, what I wouldn't give for the freedom to stride around in a short skirt in this hot weather right now! So true, whatastunner- hence short skirts aren't for everyone, though if one is comfortable with one's legs, why not? I am a short skirt fan , but all the shaving and false tan , make's it a hassle unless you have nice brown legs already, and when legs get fat and full varicose veins then it's just plain mean to others to wear them!

I suppose that's something, Knightheart. Though I've never seen anything result from short skirts on a windy day - I've always EXPECTED to see people slip up, but the idea of windy days resulting in any real entertainment is still an unproven myth in my world. One more reason for short skirts is that most men just LOVE them, especially on those windy days!!

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