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Monica Latin An adviser or counsellor.

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Mom is expecting a daughter, so plan games that are fun for all the girls at the party. Think pink with these creative games for moms who are expecting a girl.

Baby girl vector illustration. Cute cartoon baby girl isolated on a white background. Cute cartoon baby girl and a bird on a pink background. Set with cute little baby girl wearing pink pajamas. Baby sitting, crawling, eating, playing, sleeping. Little girl with bottle of milk. Smiling happy child wearing overalls. Baby shower card with cute little unicorn and lettering. Greeting card cute Cartoon Girl is holding a placard on a stars background.

Set with cute little baby in diaper with different emotions. Happy newborn, infant cry, hold teddy bear, sleeping child, sad and crying girl, screaming baby. Baby shower with kids'things. Happy Birthday Card with cute Princess Pig. Cute princess doodle collection.

Vector hand drawn illustration. Cute little babies with toys near blank text frame. Happy children play, stand, sit, crawl, sleep, waving hand. Boys and girls holding white banner. It's a Girl shower card. Invitation template with cute baby in a buggy.

Labels with letters and kids illustration. Cute little baby elephant lying on stomach, learn to crawl. Baby girl of months. Pastels color vector illustration. Cute Cartoon Unicorn on a Blue background. Baby Girl playing with rattle. Cute Cartoon Baby girl is sitting on a carriage on a heart background.

Cute Cartoon Girl with a bow in a striped dress. Baby Shower girl set. Collection of vector watercolor design elements. Set with cute little baby girl with curly hair, wearing bow, pink tutu. Portrait of happy smiling child one year old. Little princess sitting, lying on white background. Greeting card it's a girl with baby and carriage. Set with cute little baby in different situations. Playing, sleeping, sitting, lying, crawling baby.

Happy smiling newborn boy or girl. Funny cartoon collection of baby girls portraits, various human races. Vector children characters of different nationalities with billboard. Greeting card it's a girl with baby carriage and dog.

Set of Cute Cartoon Babies in hats of different animals. Greeting card with copy space. Cute Cartoon Girl and flowers on a pink background. Front african baby girl and baby boy lie on his stomach, leaning on his hands. Cartoon kids vector Illustration. Valentine card with copy space. Smiling cats cartoon seamless vector pattern. Cute elephant ballerina cartoon hand drawn vector illustration. Can be used for t-shirt print, kids wear fashion design, baby shower invitation card.

Superhero Baby Girl Clipart. Two cute cartoon giraffes on a hearts background. Cute Cartoon Baby in a giraffe hat and giraffe. Greeting card it's a girl with baby on a pink dots background. A cute African American baby girl drinking milk, playing with her toy, sitting and having a poop.

Smiling toddler boy and girl sitting. Portrait of happy smiling kids. Colorful vector illustration on white background. Vector illustration of baby girls. Happy first birthday greeting card with cute fairy tale. Cute Cartoon Baby boy in a Duckling hat on a white background.

It's a girl - baby announcement card. Baby Shower greeting card with babies boy and girl. Baby girl arrival and shower cards collection. Vector invitations with baby dress, bunny, heart, carriage, socks, pin, bottle. Cute dancing bear ballerina cartoon hand drawn vector illustration. Cute Cartoon Sleeping Baby Girl with teddy bear in a bed. First birthday template for greeting cards, invitations. Young girl with finger on lips making the silence sign. Two Cute Cartoon babies boy and girl.

Greeting card it's a boy with baby and carriage. Happy first birthday candle. Baby girl greeting card with fairy tale vector background. Birthday cards with quotes, cartoon fox and bunny for baby girl and kids. People with the name Luna have a SoulUrge number of four meaning they have a deep inner yearning for order, creativity and conventionalism. They are very creative individuals and are often drawn to the arts. Truth be told, Luna is one of our favorite names on this list.

Additionally, bearers of the name Natalie have a distinct trait about them. They are known to be very analytical thinkers and excel at seeking deeper truths. Hazel is a beautiful female name of Teutonic origin. Moreover, the name has steadily grown in popularity since thanks to when Julia Roberts named one of her twins Hazel.

In addition to being a celebrity pick — most recently by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Hazel is an excellent choice because of its beautiful meaning. Because Hazel is a nature name — thanks to its association with the hazelnut tree — it symbolizes protection and authority.

Bearers of the name Hazel are said to be excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. They are born teachers and because they live so much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective. Above all, we think Hazel is an excellent choice and any little girl would be lucky to hold this beautiful name.

Ellie is a wonderful female name of Greek origin. Short for Eleanor or Eleanora, Ellie has made its way onto the mainstream stage as an adorable standalone option for any little girl. It has been said that people with the name Ellie are excellent at expressing themselves.

They love to analyze the world in which they live and can easily make constructive use of free time. Victoria has once again neared the top of the female name charts for , ranking 27th.

Victoria is one of those names that has long stood the test of time with its beauty and grace. It has been said that people with name Victoria are excellent observers and are very adaptable. They can learn new things very quickly with little to no direction. Penelope is a beautiful female name of Greek origin. Additionally, recent trends are showing that this name will continue to rise on the baby name charts for — and for good reason!

The name is not only adorable, it is also an absolutely beautiful name to say. According to SheKnows, the name Penelope has a SoulUrge number of three, which means that they have deep inner desire to express themselves through public speaking, acting, writing or singing. Not only do Penelope's yearn to have beauty around them, but they also strive for success in everything they do.

If you ask us, Penelope is one of those names that people never forget. Today, Savannah is the 40th most popular girl name in the U. We love the name Savannah for its soft, romantic feel.

People who hold the name Savannah are said to be natural born performers. They love being the center of attention and excel in careers that put them in the limelight. Considering the name Savannah for your baby girl? Get ready for a little showstopper!

Originally seen as a male name, Kennedy is making its way onto the top charts for female given names. Kennedy, who held office from to While the name is quite common as a surname, its first-name status for a baby girl is quickly rising in popularity.

Check the charts, Kennedy sits as the 57th most popular female name today in the United States. Additionally, bearers of the name Kennedy are known to be are very versatile, idealistic and intuitive. They are natural born leaders and use this ability to serve humanity, rather than for self-glorification. Truth be told, Kennedy is a name that demands attention and respect, and one that is definitely worth considering for any little girl.

The name also has many variants and can be used in a variety of cultures. For example, Violet is commonly used the Italian, Latin and French cultures. In Italian, the name can be pronounced as Violetta. In Latin, it can be pronounced Viola, and in French it can be pronounced Violette.

The name is truly a lovely option for any little girl. Additionally, people with the name Violet are said to be highly imaginative, intuitive, and spiritual.

They seek after spiritual truth and often find it. They are excellent observers and can inspire just about anyone around them. A nickname for Sarah meaning "princess" , Sadie is a Hebrew name that we absolutely love. Sadie is not only adorable in sound, but its also becoming a hit among parents today. The name currently sits at number 52 on the top baby girl name chart for and its anticipated to become even more popular in People with the name Sadie are said to be quiet, cooperative and sympathetic.

They are very adaptable and can get along with just about anyone. They are also very trustworthy and know how to respect the confidence of others, making them excellent encouragers. Think Sadie is a gorgeous name? In fact, we are not alone when swooning over this name. Charlotte is a hit among parents today and currently sits as the ninth most popular female given name in the United States.

For , we expect Charlotte to become even higher on the baby name charts — possibly breaking its way into the top five. According to SheKnows, people with the name Charlotte have a SoulUrge number of three, meaning, they hold a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in the form of public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They are creative individuals and can easily become the center of attention. Above all, Charlotte is a pretty special name and parents should consider it when choosing one for their little girl.

If you ask us, that's a win-win situation right there!


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